Madame P - Lady, Society and Educator

Men need a good education if they are to serve a lady. Beginners receive a classic education up to me, which corresponds to the abilities of an attentive and obedient servant.

Male servants have to do their duty in their rooms, and because most of them are easily aroused and hastily lose their composure, they are disciplined by me. In order to retouch, I arrange discipline, memory, and dexterity exercises which are to be carried out to my fullest satisfaction.

Also with oral instructions and instruments, which leave no traces, I achieve amazing progress with all interns. Careless or difficult to train can usually achieve a good learning ability under the influence of deterrent tools.

An instruction and a consideration at dark in the dungeon, in the cage or on a stretcher, have always benefited from the ingenuity, the comprehension, and the insight of a rebellious candidate. I prefer devote men as well as beginners, who want a discrete individual treatment. Also fetish lovers who want to stimulate their senses at the sight of high heels, nylons, lacquer, leather, latex, satin, fur or lingerie.

Often humiliation or subtle torments are their own inclinations, in order to make them feel the power of eroticism up to the highest degree. I am happy to use my female charms.

I am not untouchable, but I do not tolerate coarseness or disrespect. I dominate as a lady, nurse, doctor,  teacher or examiner, with all mental and physical SM-variants.

Punctuality is essential!

Look at my pictures an you will have an idea what will happen to you.

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Madame P - Lady, Society and Educator